Have you ever been in a situation

in which your heart screams YES but your brain says NO?

In the beginning of this year, I was in that exact situation.

In my heart, there was a tiny flame of belief that there was more out there for myself and my little business. That this was just the beginning. I was longing for growth, I was ready to take a chance on myself and to fuel that little flame by investing money in myself. But my brain (and my bank account, ha!) said NO, no way, lady, who do do you think you are? Endless doubts kept reminding me that I was in no position to spend money on a workshop or online course because what if it turned out to be a waste of money? What if the course or class didn't turn out to be worth it? What if I turned out not to be worth it?

You know that voice? That's fear.

It has the ability to destroy everything, to crush your dreams before they have a chance to be dreamed and to drown any fire that burns in your heart in a flood of what ifs and not nows. Fear wants you to stand still, to stay safe and to remain the same. It promotes mediocracy and kills passion. If you let it.

I realized something very important this year. I realized that I cannot expect my business to grow and evolve, if I, myself, stand still. If we don’t take risks and make our decisions based on fear, then how can we expect for our clients to take a chance on us? If you don't believe in your worth yourself, then how can you expect for anybody to see it? Regardless if you are a business owner or not, this holds true for life in general as well.

This year, I committed to saying YES more often. To shut down fear with passion. And trust. And I did. I took the plunge and said yes. YES to investing in myself and my business, yes to taking risks, yes to growth and to my worthiness.


In August, I attended the SOURCED Workshop, a one day workshop that was created by Amanda with Amanda Blair by Design, Stephanie with Vivalevent and Lauren with The Lion House, three amazing and uniquely gifted planners who came up with a vision for a collaborative day for both wedding planners and photographers, with a focus on learning, creating and growing together. It was held at the historic Merrimon-Wynne House, a beautiful, light-flooded venue in the heart of downtown Raleigh. I will be photographing my first wedding there next May and my excitement is through the roof already - shout-out to Erica & Joey who are the best and are making this dream happen!

As a photographer, I was especially excited about the fact that I could bring my camera and that, if nothing else, I was going to walk away with a memory card full of beautiful pictures. But I walked away with so much more. And this is where the beauty of saying yes to investing in yourself lays - all the doors opening up that you had no idea existed.

The Sourced Workshop has been a game-changer in so many ways. On top of everything we learned during the breakout sessions, the styled shoot, the flat lay practice, a beautiful headshot of myself, and the gorgeous images that have elevated my portfolio to a new level, the connections I made that day are, without a doubt, my favorite and what has been most valuable both personally and professionally in the long term. Behind every workshop and class is someone who has also said YES to overcoming fears and to dreaming big. My fellow workshop attendees had also all said YES to overcoming fear and investing in themselves. Once you surround yourself with inspiring people who want more, who refuse to stand still, great things will happen. With saying YES to spending money on myself, I had, without knowing, said yes to welcoming more of those amazing people and incredible opportunities into my life as well. All it takes is that one leap of faith, that one win of TRUST over fear, of YES over no to turn that tiny flame of believing and dreaming big for yourself into a roaring fire of self-worth that will make you unstoppable.

If you are reading this, and it has been fear that usually won in the past - I urge you to say YES more often. Be fearless. Trust that good things will happen and that your investment

will come back tenfold. It will.

Find a workshop or class that sets your heart on fire. That was created by people who inspire you, who may already be where you want to be one day. Find one that challenges you. And then book that dang thing and you will never look back.

There is a spark of greatness in all of us. It is just waiting to be fueled by YOU believing in yourself, by believing that you are worth investing in and that this, after all, is just the beginning.

Are you interested in learning more about the SOURCED workshop? There will be a two day workshop happening in February and you should sign up (JUST DO IT!) here.

Shout-out to all the other amazing vendors:

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Hair/Makeup - Wink Hair and Makeup

Florals - Wylde Flowers

Tuxedo - Generation Tux

Bridal Attire - Gilded Bridal

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