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I have never longed so much for a reunion with a place. I left a piece of my heart here. In Capri. In this marvelous mosaic of pastel colors set between the deep blues of the sky and the even deeper blues of the Tyrrhenian Sea. Its rugged shore lined by dreamy coves and blue grottos that trap the sunlight and create the most magical light spectacle for you to swim in. I miss counting the hundreds of little fishing boats dangling loosely on weathered ropes, the lemon trees dancing in the wind and swinging gently to the sounds of the harbor. Waking up and eating breakfast overlooking the Gulf of Naples, still sleepy under a band of fog with the mystical Vesuvius volcano peaking through. I have never been to a place so captive yet freeing of all my senses. There are many reasons why this island has such a special place in my heart. I went with my best friend. And it challenged me to dream big. But more about that later. Get ready for a symphony of colors. Welcome to Capri, I'll show you around...

Lemon Tree Capri Italy
Capri Italy Villa
Shoe maker Capri Italy

I bid farewell to this place with a tiny seed of a dream in my heart and knowing that one day I will be back - to photograph love in a place that I will forever love. If you are getting married here or you are thinking about eloping, give me a call, my passport, camera and heart are ready. Let's raise our limoncello's and toast - to small islands and big dreams.

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