Picture Perfect Wedding Day: 5 Things to look for in a Wedding Venue!

Choosing a wedding venue is already a big deal. Ultimately, your venue is going to provide the frame, the hamburger bun for your wedding and set the overall tone for your wedding. You may have never thought about this but your wedding venue choice will also directly affect how your wedding images will turn out! Here are five things I recommend taking into consideration when booking your venue for a picture perfect wedding day:

1. Natural Light

Let’s start with the big one. For crisp, bright, high-quality images, natural light is essential. I mean, it's the single most important ingredient in the recipe for a beautiful photograph. The more natural light is available in a venue through windows and doors, the better your pictures will turn out. Too little light available can result in blurry, grainy and somewhat muddy looking images - eww.

Take away: Look for a venue with lots of windows and doors to let all that light in. The more natural light, the better!

Big windows let in lots of natural light which will make for gorgeous pictures! | Venue: Forest Hall at Chatham Mills | Planner & Design: The Gathering Co.

2. Colors

Colors play a huge role in how your pictures will turn out. Pay attention to wall colors, ceiling colors and floor colors when looking at wedding venues!

Whites and light neutrals create perfect conditions for beautiful pictures as they reflect light and in effect, create even more happy light beams bouncing around the room. Again, the more light, the better your pictures!

Soft pastel colors are also very pretty as they are still bright enough to reflect light but not bold enough to cause funky skin tones.

Bold colors sometimes absorb light but even worse, they sometimes take it and reflect it mixing it with their color and your face will take on the color of your surrounding like a chameleon.

Dark colors absorb light - they are thieves of joy as they eat light and never spit it back out.

Take away: Look for venues with predominantly neutral colors! White/light grey or very soft pastels are best as they reflect and multiply light and make for beautiful creamy and even skin tones.

3. Rules

Some venues, especially churches, can come with a set of rules and limitations when it comes to photography that can impact your wedding images. A lot of churches don’t allow the use of flash or might not want the photographer to be in certain areas of the church. While these rules are in place for a reason and need to be respected, it is good to be aware of them beforehand to avoid wrong expectations and disappointment.

Take away: Make sure to check if there are any rules or regulations in place that might impact your photos!

The light-flooded Merrimon-Wynne House makes for gorgeous images on your wedding day! | Planning: Happily Ever After Raleigh | Flowers: New Creations Flowers Raleigh

4. Backdrops

Considering the backdrops in and around your venue is particularly important if you envision a certain look for your wedding images.

If you like bright, neutral and clean images, a dark wooden barn is probably not your ideal venue but rather a light-flooded venue with white walls. If you like lots of greenery in your photos, consider booking a venue with beautiful grounds rather than a city venue with no access to natural areas. There are lots of venue who offer the best of both worlds!

Take away: Be aware of backdrops and how they will affect the overall look of your images!

The Bradford provides gorgeous backdrops from all angles! | Planning & Design: Amanda Blair By Design | Flowers: New Creations Raleigh | Rentals: Cottage Luxe & CE Rentals

5. Rain plan

Though it will never rain if you book me as your wedding photographer as I have a 100% sunshine guarantee, be aware of the rain plan options of a venue. Make sure that your venue either already has an indoor space (again, the more white walls, the better) or that there is room to put up a tent! Tents are usually white too so if you read until here, you already know that your pictures are still going to be beautiful.

Take away: Consider rain plan options and make sure you feel good about them!

Especially if you love the bright style and natural style of my photography, the more things a venue checks off this list, the better. Keeping your wedding images in mind when choosing a venue will make sure that not just your wedding day will turn out beautiful but also that you will end up with a gorgeous wedding gallery full of quality images to remember the best day of your life, for the rest of your life!

Personal wedding venue recommendations in and around Raleigh:

The Merrimon-Wynne House, The Bradford, The Cannon Room, The Cotton Room, The Sutherland,

Wakefield Barn, Highgrove Estate