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It's finally your wedding day!! Over months, maybe even years, you have dreamed up and planned this day. You have carefully chosen your venue, the people who will be standing by your side, the dress you are wearing, the flowers on the table, the song you'll dance to... Wedding days are full of things (big and small) that represent you as a couple, that are meaningful to you and maybe even are a special tribute to a dear loved one in your family. Let's take a look at some of the smallest details of your wedding day!

They are the very first thing I photograph on your wedding day because they truly help telling the story of your wedding day as a whole. I believe that every item you chose to have incorporated in your wedding day deserves to be captured and honored. Here is a list of items I recommend for you to have ready and in one place when I arrive on your wedding day!


The Rings (+ ring box)

You will definitely need these! Have your engagement ring and both you and your partner's bands ready. I highly recommend also getting a pretty ring box that ties in your wedding colors. The Mrs. Box is very popular and comes in many colors!

The Invitation Suite

Bring an unused invitation suite (including your save-the-dates if you still have one). I love photographing the meaningful info (like your venue or even just your names before you're married) in combination with your rings and your other little details.

Vow Books and Handwritten Letters

Such a sweet symbolic item to include in your detail pictures. I promise I won't read anything! :)


Flowers are so gorgeous and especially pretty in the beginning of your wedding day. They make for some beautiful pictures and always help to tie in the colors of your wedding day.


Basically the guys' bouquets! Fun to photograph and just another way to add some floral prettiness to your detail pictures.

Loose Florals from your Florist (I will take care of these!)

In most cases, I will reach out to your florist before your wedding day to introduce myself and to also ask if they would be able to provide a few extra blooms or greens for me. Loose florals add such a beautiful touch to your details images!


Wedding Dress (+ pretty hanger)

Your dress deserves all the spotlight! I love to hang up your dress somewhere pretty in your venue and make sure to photograph all the pretty details (the little lace sleeve, the buttons, the neckline etc) of it that made you choose it. If you want a personalized hanger, make sure to bring one as well. I will also be bringing a gorgeous gold hanger you are welcome to borrow! :)


No matter if you're going for high heels or flats, make sure to have these right by your wedding dresses side.

Jewelry (necklace, bracelets, hair piece)

Earring, necklaces and bracelets are so beautiful to photograph!

Heirlooms (handkerchief, watch, earrings, pennies etc.)

Many of my brides like to incorporate family heirlooms of loved ones. Heirlooms always hold so much history and often times beautiful memories.


Let me preface that groomal details (yes, I just made that word up) are usually not of much importance to my couples. If you do want to have them photographed, here are some items I suggest to have ready.

Groom Watch Present

Shoes (and socks)




I hope this blog post helps you plan ahead and make sure that you won't forget to bring any of these details on your wedding day!

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